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Early Days

At The Five Spot

Daoud Haroon performing with Makanda Ken McIntyre at the Five Spot, NYC, 1967, photo’s by Raymond Ross. In the flyers for the ‘Five Spot’ performances, Daoud is billed as Abdur Rahman. Also included here are some flyers for other performances of the time.

A Dream to Learn

Daoud A. Haroon at 16 Millimeter Studios, February 19, 1967 in rehearsals for what would be a live soundtrack for the film “A Dream to Learn” a documentary directed and filmed by Austin F. Lamont/16 Millimeter Film Production. The music was composed and Directed by Paul Neves. The musicians were: Paul Neves – Standing and conducting, Daoud A. Haroon – Trombone, Wajid Lateef -Trumpet, Micky Owens – Drums, Larry (Lanky) Richardson – Bass.

The Beginning

Phil (Hanif) Lasley on Tenor Sax, Hakim Jami on Bass, Daoud A. Haroon on Trombone, Roger Blank on drums (not in this photo.)

The Manifestation

This short lived but outstanding group performed in Concert, night clubs in New York City and workshops in Universities throughout New England during the heyday of the ‘Loft Era’ period during the 1970’s. It was a cooperative group featuring music composed and arranged by members. 
In the first photo from left to right: (1) Phil (Hanif) Lasley – Alto Saxaphone and Flute. (2) Abdul Shahid – Drums & Percussion. (3) Kamal Abdul -Alim – Trumpet & Flugelhorn. (4) Daoud A. Haroon – Trombone. (5) Hakim Jami – Acoustic Bass. (6) Seated: Ms Irene Datcher -Vocalist. (7) Charles Eubanks – Pianist 

Black Majic

Black Majic was made up of students and faculty at Wesleyan University Music Dpt, Middletown, Conn. Circa: 1972.

Percy Harvey – Trumpet. Dr. George Starks – Alto sax. Daoud Haroon – Trombone. Richard (Richie) Harper – Piano. Wes Brown – Bass. Jose Goico – Drums.

SOUL! Channel 13 WNET

Tribute to Kobena Adzenya

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