Musical Recordings

This video slider has a selection of the some of the music that Daoud Haroon has recorded in the Discography. 

Listen to Daoud Haroon’s collaboration with The Winds of Change “An Ode to Mikey” where he provided the vocals.

Daoud Haroon plays the drum in Senegal, the song is “Tala’al-Badru ‘alayna” the song the people of Medina sang when they saw that the Prophet Muhammad (saws) had safely arrived there from Mecca.

Listen to Daoud Haroon’s collaboration with The Wayfarers “Cosmic Swing” on which he plays trombone.

Azanian Love Song Part One, by Daoud Haroon. This recording is a demo, not the full or finished version.

Daoud A. Haroon: Composer: Recitation, Trombone, Oud, Shekkerre, Frame Drum.
Bradley Simmons: Jdembe, Clave, Conga Drum, Shekkerre.
Brother Al: Incidental drumming, singing & handclapping.
Hassan (Sokoni) Musawwir: Engineer.