Hajj 1967

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This photo was taken at JFK Airport NYC, before the 7:00 pm Pan Am Flight #12 from NYC to London – Tuesday March 14, 1967. This was the first MSA (Muslim Students Association)  sponsored Hajj. Several notable Muslims are in this photo:Hajj Haroon is in the center with arms outstretched. The Emir al Hajj was from Algeria his name is Ben-Yusef: he is on the far right of the first row, wearing a light colored jacket.The man in the second row, second from the left is Abdullah Ghandistani, a well known writer and mathematician from Philadelphia. Taught Math at Temple University,Phila, Penn.Third row right behind Hajj Haroon with glasses on is the well known Albanian scholar and writer: Imam Vehbi Ismail, Graduate of al Azhar University, son of the late Mufti of Albania prior to the Communist Invasion of Albania in the late 1930’s.The late Imam Warith Deen Muhammad, then Wallace D. Mohammad – son of the late Ellijah Mohammad founder of the Nation of Islam in America (The Black Muslims) can be seen top left corner,smiling that lovely smile of his.

That Hajj occured two months before the Egypt/Israeli June War. The scaffolding was being put in place for the  renovation of the Haram Sharif – so the old walls were still prominent – much of the old Turkish Architecture in Mecca was still in place – before it was replaced with the high-rise Hotels that now blot out the sun and dominate the view.

Check out the old Pan -Am logo on the shoulder bag to the right front corner.

Outside the Haram
The Holy Kaaba

The foot of Jebel Nur

Mecca as seen from Jebel Nur