The Making of Stone Blues

I found a bunch of black and white photo’s of the ‘demo’ recording for the Makanda McIntyre recording Stone Blues -this was the original group that preceded the one on the Prestige date. Yeah, we rehearsed for the better part of 1958 and 1959, sent the demo off and did the date in 1960. I thought it might be of interest and give the original guys some credit.

Aside from Makanda and myself – the personnel runs like so:

1.)  Piano: Dizzy Sal [Edward ‘Dizzy’ Saldhana] was from Goa, India – perhaps one of the best known of India’s Jazz musicians.

2.) Drums: Bill “Baggy” Grant, he was a well known Boston drummer and was also known in the small Muslim Community as Nur Mahmud.

3.) Bass: Larry ‘Lanky’ Richardson – also a well known local bassist who ended up leaving town with Earl ‘Fatha’ Hines.