A Tribute to Shaikh Daoud Fasial – pt 2


Shaikh Daoud in his office at The Islamic Mission of America, 143 State Street, Brooklyn, NY (circa 1960), photo courtesy of ARAMCO news

As I mentioned in part one, that this is not an easy undertaking even though I have had the opportunity to have spent time in the past with the venerable Shaikh and his wife Khadijah (RA) and have quite a bit of memorabilia collected over the years plus the additional information gleaned first hand by several of my surviving colleagues from those early days – but also the memories and biographies of many of the early members of the Islamic Mission of America (IMOA) and Muslims and non Muslims who had benefited from an association with the IMOA over the years. Insha-Allah many segments of this phenomenal story will be will be re-assembled and pieced together to form a reasonable reference to a truly meaningful piece of American history that transcends in many ways more conventional historic events that are not as far reaching in breadth and scope as this early attempt at Islamic propagation in the West spanning a time frame that extends from the turn of the 20th Century to the 1970’s.

The vast contribution made by Shaikh Daoud, his wife Khadijah and The Islamic Mission of America will never ever really be known in its entirety. This small series will I hope encourage many young Historians and Sociologists to take on the task of delving deeper into the Life and Times of Shaikh Daoud.

Proper investigations must be undertaken in