Tears and Sweets – Reflections on a trip to Iran 1990

The Conference at the Hussainiyah Irshad

The Conference at the Hussainiyah Irshad

In May and June of 1990 I traveled to Iran to participate in the First World Conference on The Ahl-Al-Bait. (1) It was an unexpected invitation, but timely nonetheless, perhaps all the more auspicious because one of the chief regrets I had harbored for years was that I had not accepted an earlier invitation to travel to Iran during the early years of The Islamic Revolution. This earlier trip would have included a meeting with the revered Imam, and a tour of the Battlefront.

As an added incentive my original hosts invited me to bring my camera and my tape recorder to witness first hand the bloodshed and carnage that prevailed during the devastating war taking place between Iran and Iraq.

Unfortunately I was not able to go the first time. The second invitation came, as I mentioned earlier most unexpectedly – but this time I came prepared to document as much as possible. Many of these incidents and photo’s I will be sharing during the course of this look backward, at a time and a place that deserves a rewriting in the annals of Western history.

Some of the attendee's outside Hussainiyah Irshad

Some of the attendee’s outside Hussainiyah Irshad

The Office of ‘Wilayat al Faqih’ I would suppose had been prompted by an idea that had sprung from the fertile imagination of the late Imam Khomeini to invite Muslim scholars, educators and clergymen from the